We provide two types of care, hourly visiting care and live-in care.

Hourly Visiting Care is for clients who require assistance at regular intervals throughout the day. Hourly Visiting Care is for clients who require assistance at regular intervals throughout the day. Care visits can be from 30 minutes upwards.

Live-In Care is a more appropriate option when someone needs a personal assistant around the house to provide support at various times of the day. The personal assistant is always on hand giving the client  the flexibility to structure each day to meet their needs and preferences.

This will vary according to your requirements. Please contact our office on 01245 356592 and we will be pleased to give you an estimate over the telephone. For more information please visit our Funding Your Care page.

The Care Workers we provide to you will have had training that meets the standard required by the Health & Social Care Act (2012). The majority of our care staff will have qualifications that exceed these standards. We also supply the necessary updates and condition specific courses that equip our care workers to undertake the differing types of care that we provide to our clients.

We endeavour to recruit our Care Workers from the UK. When we do recruit people that have recently moved to the UK, we ensure that potential staff have good English-speaking and written skills and a good knowledge of our culture.

We have no upper age limit though older care workers need to be fit enough to help frail and or disabled people with transfers. The experience and attitude of potential staff is more important to us than their age.

By law, all care workers in the UK must obtain a Criminal Records check before they are allowed to work in this sector. All of our Care Workers will have had these comprehensive checks completed before ever being introduced to our clients.

Our Care Workers are there to help you with your needs whatever they may be. You may like someone to live with you to keep you company and to do general housework. Other clients may need more practical assistance with personal care and planning and preparing of meals.

Following a free initial assessment, we endeavour to match a suitable care worker to you. He or she will then provide the majority of your on-going care.

Our office is open Monday to Friday from 9.00am to 17.00pm and we can be contacted on 01245 356592.

Outside of our normal office hours, any calls to our office will be forwarded to a 24 hour on-call service to provide advice and support.

Every effort is made to keep the number of different care workers that visit you to an absolute minimum. We very rarely have just one care worker assigned to a particular client. This allows for periods of time where your usual care worker may be away on holiday.

As a company we use technology to ensure that the service our care staff delivers is as agreed with our clients. At the start of each care visit, your care worker will log into our system using their company issue smart phone. At the end of each visit they are then required to update electronic care records, before logging out on our system to indicate that they have finished the visit.

If for any reason your allocated care worker does not start a visit allocated to them on our system, we have access to real time information allowing us to investigate and rectify the situation as quickly as possible.

If you and your spouse or partner want to stay in your own home together but require extra support, we can provide a carer to help couples in their own home as a cost-effective alternative to paying for two beds in a residential care home.