The Benefits of 24-Hour Care At Home

When looking for a carer, it can be difficult to make a decision on the best option between 24-hour live-in care or moving a loved one to a care home – sometimes this comes down to your budget, availability or both.

24-hour care at home can actually be more affordable than you think and allows your loved one to remain in their own home living in familiar surroundings with the support of a trained carer at all times. If they live alone, this means they can also benefit from the companionship of one on one care from our friendly carers and whilst receiving the specialist care they need.

Whether your loved one is suffering from dementia, the effects of a stroke, disability or any other condition, ensuring they have personalised care in their own home allows them to benefit from the very best care on a one to one basis.

What Services Does a Live In Carer Provide?

Because our carers provide this care on a 24-hour live-in basis, they are able to dedicate their time to their client and ensure that they have everything they need and are getting the right care at the right times.

24-hour care at home can consist of providing personal care, domestic assistance or helping out with household duties such as cooking and shopping.

We place considerable emphasis on matching our carers with their client, so they from the outset they can build the best possible professional working relationship and level of trust, as they will need to spend a lot of time together. The carer maybe required to provide personal care such as showering, dressing and assistance with going to the toilet and it is important that both parties are comfortable with these personal interactions.

A live-in carer stays within the home, in their own room, so they are on hand to provide 24-hour home care and ensure your loved one feels safe and well looked after at all times.

Why Choose Fambridge Care for 24 Hour Home Care?

All of our carers are professionally trained, and any new carers spend a few weeks shadowing an existing carer to understand our processes and the level of care that we expect our clients to receive. We then aim to match a carer with a client. Matching on the completed on the basis of the care needs and the personality of both carer and client.

At Fambridge Care, we pride ourselves on providing the best possible care to our clients and we specialise in providing 24-hour live-in care, because we feel it is important that people are given the option to stay in their own home and receive care. Whilst an individual may require care, life should retain some sense of normality with the ability to see family and friends whenever they like.

We understand that family and work commitments can make it difficult to provide 24-hour home care yourself, but by choosing a live-in carer you can have the best of both worlds.

Contact Us Now To Enquire About 24 Hour Live In Care

If you would like to find out more about 24-hour care at home, please call or email us or fill out an enquiry form for a free no obligation consultation to discuss your options and the packages we have available. We can also answer any questions you may have. And why not consider our 4-week live-in care trial, giving you the opportunity to sample whether this might be the best care option for your loved one before you make a longer-term decision.