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Care That Enables People to Remain Living Independently

As a leading live-in care agency in the South East, Fambridge Care offer an individual service to those who require additional support within their own home.

If you, or a member of your family requires care, there is a choice to be made between arranging to move into a residential care home, or instead receiving 24-hour care and being able to stay in the home you know and love. Our live-in care service caters for those who would prefer and feel more comfortable to receive assistance from us in the comfort of their home.

24 Hour Quality Live-In Care

As a live-in care agency, we understand that moving out of your home can be a daunting and stressful prospect. Therefore, we tailor our service so that you won’t have to worry about the troubles often associated with relocating. Our live-in care service is a full-time solution, which provides you with companionship and daily living assistance. Below are some main reasons why live-in care could be the right solution for you:

  • A trained carer on hand 24 hours a day to assist all your needs
  • Continued independence in the environment which you are most comfortable
  • One to one care tailored to your specific needs and preferences
  • You can continue to live with your relatives or with a spouse or partner

Our main aim is to ensure that you continue to live your life the same way that you have always done, with a little extra help at hand as and when required. Our experienced live-in carers are able to support you with daily chores around the house, whether that’s ironing, washing or looking after your pets – the help our carers offer is tailored to you and they can do as much or as little as you want.

The Benefits of Live-In Care Versus Moving into Residential Care, Include:

24-hour home care also offers a number of substantial benefits over residential home care, both for the person receiving the care and their family – read below for an in-depth comparison of live-in and residential care.

Live-in Care from Fambridge Care V Residential Care Home
Familiar surrounding that can only be enjoyed by living at home, no upheaval and disturbance to your routine V Move from home to a new unfamiliar environment
One-to-one tailored care and control over the quality of care and support provided to you V Many different carers sharing responsibility for your care
You maintain your independence and routine which is important to ensure good health and well-being V Complete change of lifestyle and routine
Choice of when and what you choose to eat V Regimented routine with set meal times and menus that you do not control
Cost savings for couples that wish to stay together living at home V Couples will need to pay for two beds and staying together can only be guaranteed subject to availability of space
It can often be safer – Many risks such as infection are eliminated or minimised when care is provided in a controlled environment at home V Living and sharing communal areas with many other residents who have differing ailments
Contact with family, friends and neighbours is maintained at times of your choosing V Having to make new friends and arrange for you family to visit at scheduled times
Can be offered as a short-term care solution or following a period in hospital whilst you recover V Prevention of unnecessary and costly nursing home admissions

Choosing A Live-In Care Provider

When searching for a live-in carer, the process of choosing the right care company can be a daunting one. However, with Fambridge Care, our trustworthy and dependable carers have vast knowledge & experience and are able to provide a high-quality service to our clients living in the South East of England. We appreciate that welcoming someone into your home for the first-time can seem overwhelming, but it’s important to understand that you have nothing to worry about as we will guide, support and provide reassurance throughout the process.

Our understanding and accommodating carers will be by your side every step of the way to make sure that you feel comfortable. At Fambridge Care, we suitably hand-pick all of our live-in care specialists, and we appreciate how crucial it is to match you with someone who quickly adjusts to your daily routine, can be a friend and companion and makes sure that you’re relaxed in the knowledge that they are there to offer help and support in all areas.

The Costs Associated with Live-in Care

In the UK, a popular misconception is that 24-hour care is prohibitively expensive when compared to the costs of living in a residential home. In reality, the costs for providing each type of care are comparable and should be fully researched prior to making any big, life-changing decisions.

When considering a full-time care solution, a general lack of public awareness regarding the viability of live-in care means that many people presume that moving into a residential care home is the only suitable option when faced with this choice. Very often live-in care can be the most economical option for individuals with an on-going care requirement,

Furthermore, in accordance with the UK government’s ‘Personalisation’ framework, anyone deemed eligible to receive care from their local authority or the NHS can be granted an allowance which can be used to obtain whichever form of care they feel best suits their needs.

Live-in care offers a personalised, individually tailored approach in comparison to other types of care options. With a live-in carer the level of care receive is far superior to that provided in a residential home and it will often be a less expensive option. Live-in Care is often an attractive option for those who need some care intervention but want to continue living in the comfort of their own home. For a similar cost to a care home, you can receive a bespoke service tailored specifically to your needs.

How does Live-In Care Work?

When enlisting the assistance of a Live-In Carer, you will have a carer on hand at all times of the day to support with all daily living tasks, to allow you to remain independent in the comfort of your own home. Our carers are fully trained and a live-in care package is the ideal solution for those who require assistance, without the upheaval of relocating to a residential care home.

Home Safety Checklist

Our main priority here at Fambridge Care, is the health and safety of our clients. For this reason, we have created a Home Safety Checklist which contains our top tips for creating a safe environment within the comfort of your or a loved one’s home.

Contact Fambridge Care Today

At Fambridge Care, we perform a dedicated approach to our live-in care services and are devoted to providing first-class assistance, 24/7. We offer a free, no-obligation consultation to those wanting to find out more about Fambridge Care – give us a call on 01245 356592.


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For those who are looking for around the clock care but are uncomfortable with the thought of moving into a care home – our private live-in care service is the ideal solution. We offer a service that enables you or your loved one to retain their dignity independence and the lifestyle they value so much.

Our competent carers always prioritise your needs above anything else and family and friends can rest easy in the knowledge that a loved one continues to live safely, confidently and independently at home, surrounded by familiar comforts and routines.

What support will my live-in carer provide?2021-08-31T05:44:24+01:00

The support a live-in carer provides will vary and be tailored to your needs and how your illness or disability affects you. Your live-in carer will always take into account how you feel on any given day before before providing a level of care with your health, safety and security at heart.

  • Providing support with personal care tasks such as washing & dressing and helping with your morning and evening routines.
  • Dementia & Alzheimer’s care
  • Lightening the load of everyday domestic tasks such as cleaning, laundry and ironing.
  • Offering companionship and accompanying you on social outings.
  • Giving confidence to maintain hobbies or even explore new ones.
  • Planning and preparing nutritious meals
  • Prompting or assisting to take medication
  • Providing security and general peace of mind
How do I book a live-in carer?2021-08-31T05:41:19+01:00

To enquire about our service, all you have to do is contact us and a member of our friendly team will be happy to book a free consultation on date that best suits you. You can either call us on 01245 356592 or fill in our consultation booking form – whichever option you choose, we’ll be sure to get in touch as soon as we can to discuss your requirements in greater detail.