What Is Overnight Homecare?

As the name suggests, overnight care is when care is needed overnight, this might be because you or a loved one do not feel comfortable alone at night and wish to have the option to be supported during the night should you need any assistance getting to the toilet, taking medication or repositioning in bed.

Overnight care can also be suitable for a person that is at risk of falling or injuring themselves during the night or may become disorientated if they wake during the night such as those living with dementia.

Overnight Homecare For Seniors

Due to the nature of overnight care, it is most common to provide overnight homecare for seniors, however it may also be relevant for someone who is disabled or has sustained an injury and lives alone.

Older people can often be at risk of falling or injuring themselves during the night on their way to the bathroom, or falling from their bed and being unable to get up due to reduced mobility. Because of this, you or a loved one may wish to consider overnight care to ensure you are safe and looked after should you wake up in the night.

Night-time carers can accompany you to the toilet or assist you during the night should you need help changing position in bed to be more comfortable or help if you need to take medication. The service can be on either a sleeping basis with the carer provided with their own place to sleep but available to wake up to 3 times or an awake basis where they are on hand throughout the night.

For those living with dementia, this can be particularly useful and puts your loved one’s mind at ease if they wake up disorientated or confused and need to be reassured – preventing harm to themselves.

Why Choose Fambridge Care For Overnight Care

At Fambridge Care, we have provided hundreds of carers to people across the south east, should they need regular, temporary or one-off care. We are specialists in home and live-in carers and have a team of experienced, fully-trained, friendly care professionals to provide expert care to you or your loved one.

We know allowing someone in your home to care for you or a loved one can be a daunting prospect but we DBS check all of our carers and pride ourselves on our team of understanding, accommodating and trustworthy carers who are dedicated to providing the very best care for you or your loved one.

We will talk through the care requirements and what is needed to have a full understanding of the care plan and the support you or your loved one needs from one of our night-time carers. If you have any questions or concerns at any point, please don’t hesitate to ask your carer or contact our head office.

Call Now To Arrange Overnight Homecare

If you are looking for overnight care for you or a loved one, please get in contact to discuss our options and your requirements. We’re happy to advise and answer your questions and explain our overnight homecare services. We will discuss the needs of you or your loved one to ensure we can provide you with the best possible match from our team or carers.

At Fambridge Care, we pride ourselves on providing expert, friendly and professional care at all times and want you to feel confident and comfortable at all times – so please let us know how we can care for you or your loved one in the best possible way – our understanding staff are on hand to ensure your needs are always met.