As we get older, it can become more difficult to move around our homes safely, especially overnight where we may be trying to navigate in the dark. Whilst you might have a carer or family member who looks in on you during the day, you might want extra reassurance to have someone to assist you overnight.

Overnight care is an ideal choice if you want to feel safe and secure and know that you have the care of a professional throughout the night should you need any assistance, such as getting to the toilet, getting ready for bed or getting dressed in the morning, help with changing position in bed or taking medication at night.

You should consider overnight care if you or someone you care for has mobility issues or Dementia and need that extra support during the night that can’t be provided by a family carer or existing carer, who needs to find time to rest as well.

An overnight carer’s job is to work overnight and they are quite used to it and they will be available to help with any needs you might have or complete certain household tasks for you overnight at times when you do not require assistance from them.

What Is The Difference Between Sleeping and Waking Night Care?

If you’re looking into overnight care, you might wonder what the difference is between sleeping and waking care and which is the most appropriate for your needs. Sleeping night care might be cheaper, but it depends on your needs if this is the right choice.

With Sleeping Night Care, the carer will need their own private room and ideally shouldn’t need to get up more than twice in the night to provide you with assistance. Their role is to stay over in the house and be on hand if needed, should they be called upon. This is ideal if you don’t tend to need help frequently or just want reassurance someone is there if you need them. Some people don’t want to be alone overnight, which is understandable, and a sleeping carer can provide that extra support where needed.

A waking night carer on the other hand, is suited if you are likely to need help frequently in the night, should you need to go to the toilet a lot or need frequent repositioning or if someone has Dementia and has to be watched to prevent themselves from harm. As the name suggests, a waking carer will stay awake overnight and is on hand throughout the night should they be needed. When they’re not needed to provide assistance, they can complete household tasks such as light cleaning if required.

Why Consider Overnight Care?

Overnight care can allow someone to stay in their own home, without risking their health or safety. It takes the pressure away from family carers and means both family and the person being cared for can have peace of mind and sleep soundly.

Whether it’s just to feel safe or if you need medications administered overnight, repositioning or help going to the toilet, overnight care is an affordable and practical home care solution. There are options and solutions that can fit your requirements, so care can be tailored specifically to your needs.

Overnight Care From Fambridge Care

If you’re looking for affordable and experienced overnight care, Fambridge Care provide this service with a choice of both sleeping or waking overnight care. We are happy to answer any questions you may have; discuss why you are looking for an overnight carer and provide our advice on what we think would be the best solution.

All of our carers are fully qualified and receive full training and will be matched depending on your needs. They are all DBS checked and vetted before they are allowed to work for us, so you can feel safe and secure about the safety of you or your loved one.

If you would like to find out more about our overnight care service, take a look through our website or get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.