A visiting carer is a carer that can visit your home at a frequency that suits you, so they could come multiple times a day, or for an hour or so a week – it is really down to your individual needs. They can help with a whole host of tasks such as help getting in and out of bed, dressing, going to the toilet, cooking or housekeeping.

What is visiting care?

Visiting care allows someone to continue living at home when they might need some form of care, you get to stay living at home in familiar surroundings and maintain a level of independence. A visiting carer can give you as much or as little help as you wish.

What is a typical day in the life of a visiting carer?

Personal care

A day in the life of a visiting carer would start with visiting their first appointment of the day, which could be to help somebody get up and out of bed, wash, dress and get ready for the day. The carer might prepare breakfast and get other meals of the day ready – depending on their how many times they are due to visit. They might ensure the person they are caring for has taken their medication and could take them to any appointments or social engagements they have or take them shopping in town or do their shopping for them.

General care

If there are no errands to run or appointments to get to, they might help with housework such as changing bedding, putting on laundry, cleaning and hoovering etc. They may also just provide some companionship, sitting and talking over a cup of tea.

They will then prepare lunch and then may go to their next client or stay depending on the arrangement. After checking that their current client is happy and has everything they need, they will go to their next appointment and help them with their needs.

Afternoon appointment

For an afternoon appointment, this could involve preparing their client lunch, ensuring they take any medication, taking them to any appointments, social engagements or shopping or simply sitting with them at home and helping with any chores such as washing up, hoovering, dusting, laundry etc. They may make them dinner, or have it prepared before they leave.

Evening appointment

For an evening appointment, they may prepare dinner or arrive after dinner, this will depend on the individuals and the care arrangements that they have in place. Following dinner, washing up and attending to any chores that need doing, they will help their client get ready for bed such as helping them wash, brush their teeth and get into their bed clothes before helping them into bed and ensuring they have everything they need for the night before leaving.

Flexible Support When You Require It The Most With Fambridge Care

Visiting care can be provided to cater to each individual and can be on whatever timetable that suits you. Whether you need multiple visits a day, just one or two in the mornings and evenings or just a few days a week to help a family carer – we have a solution to suit everyone.

If you would like to find out more about our range of visiting care options or want to talk to someone to find a solution that suits you, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to discuss your available options. We can tailor a care plan to suit you and your needs.

Visiting care is a great solution to allow someone to stay within their own home and maintain some independence as well as helping take some of the pressure away from family carers. It is also more affordable than you would think, so get in touch to find out more and speak to a member of our team.