At Fambridge Care, we continually invest in the latest technology to improve our service delivery and client experience. Fambridge Care Planning is a digital system which enables us to provide the highest standards of service to all of our clients – a service that we work tirelessly to deliver in a way that is always personalised and caring. Below, you can find out more about the benefits of Fambridge Care Planning to our clients, their family members and our care staff.

What is Fambridge Care Planning?

Fambridge Care Planning is available for our Visiting Care and Live-in Care clients. Our digital system replaces traditional printed care records that many homecare providers have in a ‘Personal Care Plan’ folder in the home. With our system, your personal care plan, emergency contact information, important documents, care notes, medication records and medical information are all stored digitally, and your designated Fambridge Carer will update this information via an app on their mobile phone each time they visit you. As our carers go from visit to visit recording their visit information using this app, our care management team can view these updates as a live feed and monitor events and important information about the service in real time.

For more information on the Care Planning App, and for a step by step guide on how to download and use the app, please read the dedicated blog post here.

What are the features of Fambridge Care Planning?

Fambridge Care Planning gives you and your loved ones the ability to access your care records via an app, this access can be arranged by our care team quickly and easily. At Fambridge Care, we are passionate about operating in a way that ensures full transparency. As well as giving you full access to your care records, we can also provide next of kin access as part of our Fambridge Care Planning service enabling both you and your loved one to remotely access the following information at the click of a button:

  • Important documents such as your care plan and emergency contact information
  • The visit schedule and details of the person due to attend
  • The full details relating to past and future visits
  • The tasks which have been completed on each visit and if any tasks have not been completed, detailed notes outlining why
  • Daily care records and notes made during each care episode for Visiting Care and throughout the day for Live-in care

Please note: access to your personal information is only available to you and our care team. We will only provide access to a third party upon your request and only after we have received your signed consent.

We love to hear great feedback!

‘My sister & I would like to say how pleased we are with the care that our Mum is receiving from your carers. They are all friendly & Mum enjoys seeing them.

We are also pleased with the Care Planning App. It enables us to check Mum’s situation, after each visit. The carers reports are timely & informative. Being able to look at these reports, instantly, helps us to know that Mum is safe & well.’

Debbie & Jackie - Chelmsford

Why do you use Fambridge Care Planning?

At Fambridge Care, your wellbeing and peace of mind are of paramount importance to us, and by using Fambridge Care Planning, we are able to provide both you and your loved ones with full transparency around the service that we provide.

Fambridge Care Planning enables us to improve communication between our carers and the care management team by sharing information relating to your care needs in real time. By having access to this information, our care management team are able to respond quickly to any issues, late or missed visits, or concerns raised by our Fambridge Carers.

The safety of our clients is our number one priority and switching to this paperless way of working is another way that we are helping to increase security over your information, and adding another measure to comply with the Data Protection Act.

Fambridge Care Planning also allow our carers to record notes accurately and efficiently by allowing our carers to either type them or using voice dictation rather than writing them out by hand, this in turn allows them to spend more quality time with you.

Fambridge Care is always looking for new ways to reduce our impact on the environment and our move to Fambridge Care Planning has helped us to drastically reduce the amount of paper we use.

The key benefits of Fambridge Care Planning

Transparency: Giving you real time access to all elements of the care delivered by Fambridge Care including your care plan, visit notes, medication records and scheduled future visits

Responsive Care: Our care management team and carers always work with the latest information relating to your needs. If you call us to say that you have a new medication that needs to start being taken immediately, we can update this to your care plan and medication record and the carers that visit you have instant access to this latest information.

Safety & Security: Your digital record is stored securely as encrypted data which means increased security over your confidential care records. The app requires the user to be first authenticated by our office before they then enter a password to access the app. The app can also only be accessed from a device registered on our system, meaning that no one else can use a misplaced username and password to access your information.

Remote Access: Making our care records available digitally means that this important information can be viewed by busy family members on the move or those family members or friends that live far away always have access to the latest information about your care.

The benefits for our clients:

  • Being able to update care plans remotely and address alerts from a live feed enables our care team to tailor your care as and when needed rather than the delay caused by transferring of paper records between your home and our office
  • Increased security over your confidential information
  • Improved communication between you and our care team
  • Live feed enables your care manager and care coordinator to monitor your care and respond quickly to any alerts
  • You’ll be able to ask your care worker when to expect your next visit and who is due to attend (as they will always have access to this information on their app)
  • You will have peace of mind knowing that late visits are being monitored and acted upon by our care team and care coordinators

The benefits for next of kin:

  • Remote access – you can view records through the app on your smartphone or tablet (provided you have formal consent*)
  • Transparency – you can view completed visits and the notes made by your loved one’s Fambridge Carer
  • You have instant access to view all records, tasks completed, medication records
  • Peace of mind knowing your loved one is receiving completely bespoke care tailored to their individual needs

The benefits for our care team:

  • Our carers can access important information before a care visit begins (e.g. access details, latest updates to care plans or medications) to provide a responsive and bespoke care service
  • Our carers can focus on delivering a more personalised service whilst always working with the most up-to-date information relating to your needs
  • Improved communication – digital information appears in a live feed, which enables our care team to monitor the care being delivered respond quickly to alerts or concerns logged on our system
  • Improved punctuality – Our Fambridge Carers can see directions and the estimated travel time to their next visit
  • Alerts or concerns that the carers have about you can be raised easily to the care manager and office team efficiently and securely
  • Less time is spent on audit and compliance, meaning more time on ensuring every client receives the highest standards of care

To find out more or to enable your access to Fambridge Care Planning, please contact our office on 01245 356592.